About Me

Hi! My name is Jenny, Jen for my closest friends. I am a book dragon from the Philippines, and I’ve been reading books since I was young. I started blogging just last November 2017. My content is mostly about my books shenanigans: reviews, blog tours, book tags, and book cover reveals.

Just like I said, I started reading when I was young. But the books I read was actually the stories on textbooks that my older siblings had. They were all in my mother tongue, so it was easy for me to understand. I became a wide reader during my high school days. I didn’t have money to buy new books, so I usually borrowed books from my friends or go to used bookstores near our home.

Most of my friends are not readers, so it’s quite difficult for me to share my thoughts with them lest they will get bored. When I discovered book blogs, I got inspired and I know that I have to make one so that I can also share my thoughts and passion with people who have the same interest as mine.

I know that I’m still new in book blogging and I have a long way to go in this community. I am excited to experience and discover more things on this journey.



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