Book Review: Robin Hood’s Dawn #1 by Olivia Longueville and J.C. Plummer

  About the Book: Title: Robin Hood's Dawn Author: Olivia Longueville and J.C. Plummer Publisher: Angevin World Publishing LLC Publication Date: January 16th, 2018 Genres: Historical Fiction Rating: 5/5   Synopsis: England, 1154-1194 A kingdom under assault. A conspiracy born of anarchy. A hero standing against tyranny. Falsely convicted of a shocking crime, Robin Fitzooth, the Earl... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Hot Toddy by T.C. Collins

About the Book: Title:  Hot Toddy Author: T.C. Collins Publication Date:  August 3rd, 2016 Genres: New Adult Fiction, Contemporary Pages: 334 Rating: 3.5/5   Synopsis: Everyone is talking about Hot Toddy. Who is LJ? Does she even know? Growing up in the heartland of America, LJ didn't learn what the world was really like outside... Continue Reading →

Book Review: First Came Forever by Annie Woods

About the Book: Title:  First Came Forever Author: Annie Woods Publisher: Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Publication Date:  August 31st, 2017 Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance Pages: 322 Rating: 4.5/5   Synopsis: First love. A promise of forever. A lie that changes everything. Backpacking with her high school friends, Erica Lindell's life takes a thrilling... Continue Reading →

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